Setting PM to 1st Day of the Month

First off, shout out to Bruno Portaluri (@bportaluri) for this tip. He summarized an answer to a question I had just received a few days earlier from one of my Planners. This Planner asked if we could schedule a PM to come out the first Friday of each month. At the time I said no we couldn't, but then Bruno comes up with this.

Pure gold.

This post is to capture what Bruno put in his tweet in a format I can reference back to in the future.

PM Setup

Bruno laid out how to get a PM setup to generate the first Monday of each month.1 The setup is pretty simple after you see it in action.

  1. Create a PM and associate the Asset, Location, Job Plan, Lead, Supervisor, etc. data.
  2. Set the PM Frequency to 1 DAYS.
  3. Create an active window for the 1st thru the 7th of each month.
  4. Set the PM to ACTIVE.
  5. Generate the PM workorder.

After the PM work orders are generated, I got 12 work orders each with a Target Start date of the 1st Monday of the month.

For me, all I would have to do is set the Active Days from Monday to Friday.

Grazie Bruno!

  1. I know I wanted Fridays, but we're going to run with what Bruno tweeted.  

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